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Jean-Marc Larche

Jean-Marc Larché

Owner, Trade-Marc

“I’ve always had a passion for cars.”

Growing up with a dad as a car salesman, you could say that my love for cars is in my blood. I can remember how I felt sitting in a Porsche for the first time as much as I did riding my first PW50 or watching a grand prix. Trade-Marc is an evolution of that passion - and one it seems I've already passed on to my son!

Since 2010, I’ve taken great pride in selling quality used cars at the best trade prices – and building a name that stands for quality, credibility and trust. In addition to an in-depth knowledge of cars, we offer efficient, hassle-free customer service and strive for fair, win-win deals, every time. It's part of my passion and what Trade-Marc stands for.

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